Bendywood® -    The Bending Wood Without Steam

How Bendywood® is made?

The raw wood is carefully selected at the sawmill to avoid any knots and to provide for a straight grain. It is then steamed (to soften the cell walls) and compressed along its length for about 20%. In this way, the cell walls are compressed (like an accordion), which allows them to straighten out again on the outside of a bend without getting into tension and breaking.

Are there any chemicals used to make the wood pliable?
No, it’s a pure thermomechanical process. No chemicals are used. Bendywood® is 100% ecological!

In what types of wood Bendywood® is available?
Bendywood® is available in beech, oak, maple, ash, elm, cherry and walnut. Tropical woods on request, at the moment Doussié in stock.

Can I machine Bendywood® like normal wood?
Yes, saw and sand as normal wood. For milling and planing it is necessary to follow the machining guidelines in our working instructions to get the best possible results.

Do I need any special equipment to bend Bendywood®?
No. Thin sections can easily be bent by hand. For thicker sections clamps, tension belts or a ring rolling bending machine for pre-bending may need to be used.

Can I bend round Bendywood® handrails by hand?
Yes, but to do so require two people: for thin sections there is no problem, starting from 48 mm the radius of the stair should not be too tight. Also see our video: bending handrails.

Do I have to wet Bendywood® in order to be able to bend it?
No, do not wet it as it would expand (also in length). For most applications Bendywood® should be kept dry. However, if thicker sections need to be bent close to their bending limits it is necessary to increase their moisture content to about 12% (see our working instructions) prior to the bending.

What adhesive and finishes should I use?
All woodworking glues and woodworking finishes can be used. However, caution is advised when using water-based glues and water-based finishes, as a deep infiltration of water will damage the Bendywood®.

Can I glue different layers of Bendywood® together into a specific form?
Yes. This allows the use of much thicker laminations than normal and for tighter radii to be achieved.

Does Bendywood® need to be kept in special conditions?
No, it can be stocked indefinitely if kept in a dry place.