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To fix our Bendywood® baseboard around a column we suggest you proceed as follows:

  • Take two pieces of Bendywood® baseboard, instead of one piece only. You will have two parts, which you will wrap like two half-moons around the column.
  • Build a mould, possibly one mould for each baseboard, with a diameter of approx. 5-10% tighter than the final column diameter (consider the fact that after the bending operation Bendywood® will tend to return to its natural straight state and will open a little). Example: if the column diameter is 450mm, the mould would have a diameter of approx. 400 mm.

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  • Increase the humidity level (if desired, usually not necessary if the product is maintained unpacked and under standard humidity conditions) of the Bendywood® baseboards by applying the “Sandwich method”: place the Bendywood® baseboards between two layers of moist cardboard (the cardboard should not be excessively wet, so that water drops won’t fall on the Bendywood® later on). Also, spacers (such as small wooden sticks) should be placed transversally between the baseboards and the wet cardboard to avoid direct contact between the two. Finally you should wrap it all in a plastic sheet to keep the moisture in and allow to rest for 2 days and 2 nights.
  • Pre-bend the Bendywood® baseboards with a ring rolling bending machine (commonly used to bend metal pipes), when available. For the bending we recommend you use baseboard pieces that are a little longer than the final net length needed, because normally the extremities of the baseboard cannot be properly bent.
  • Close the pre-bent baseboard with a tension belt on the smallest/tightest mould and allow the baseboard fixed in this way to dry for at least one day and one night in a heated environment.
  • Proceed to final cutting ot the two bent baseboards according to the final size/length of the half-moon.
  • Drill two holes for each edge of each half-moon and then insert the two dowels.
  • Round slightly the cut-edges to obtain joints with rounded edges.
  • Glue the two half-moons together around the column and keep them fixed in this position with a tension belt until the glue will have dried.
  • As soon as the glue is dry, the tension belt can be taken off.
  • The baseboard can be further glued or screwed directly to the column.