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Moulding 60x25 mm in Bendywood® ash
with normal jointsSketch rectangular wooden Bendywood® handrail with normal joints
pre-bent on edge to radius 270 cm
for a final radius of about 310 cm

  • Mill the raw bar  
  • Humidify the moulding to 12%
  • Build a bending mould
  • Bend the moulding around the bending mould – as shown in the pictures below:
    • Always start from one side;
    • Bend and clamp the moulding bit by bit until the entire length rests on the bending mould.
    • IMPORTANT: Always position the clamps on the joints of the moulding, in order to avoid them from opening up;
  • Take the moulding from the bending mould after 1 day
  • Mount the moulding