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Bendywood® handrail with L-shaped groove for LED strip
Round handrails ø40 mm in Bendywood® oak
with L-shaped groove 25,3 x 14 mm
for LED strips

Total quantity: approx. 206 m
in different lengths (varying from 6,4 m to 22,6 m)
pre-bent to different radii (varying from 1 m to 3,8 m)


34 newels
with corners at angles from 58° to 145
in ø40 mm Bendywood® oak, each 1 m long
with continuous hole ø16 mm for cable routing

All Bendywood® handrails were provided with L-shaped groove in the factory.

8 handrails were pre-bent around a flat mould in the factory and individually fixed to transport moulds for shipment to the construction site.

The remaining 12 handrails were packed in straight condition in cardboard tubes, ready to be bent. Both the 22,6 m and the 16 m long handrail were divided into 2 parts at 9° cuts and therefore had to be glued back to their original length after arrival at the construction site before they could be bent.

Due to the large bending radii, the required bending moulds for each of these handrails were also shipped in various component parts for self-assembly.

Also included were some negative matching bending moulds to press against the moulds when bending and gluing the handrails, as well as Bendywood® strips to protect the groove during bending and assembly.

After removal from the moulds, the handrails were fixed to handrail brackets on the steel stringers. Special care was taken to allow for residual length shrinkage (especially on the long sections).

After threading the cables, the newels were connected to the handrails using the Bendywood® corners. The LED strips were pulled in at the end.

LOBA's HS 2K Impactoil was used for the finishing.

Atrium staircase
Post Luxemburg-Railway Station, Luxemburg

Bendywood® installation carried out by:
Schreinerei Weiss Günter, Ulm, Germany

Ordering party:
Kiess Alfred GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany