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     Inner Handrails 3    Mould for 3 inner handrails

The 3 handrails 4m long were bent using the 20x300x160 cm template, as in the photo, with a rounded front edge R10 cm.
The steps were marked on the template and the lines of the handrails were drawn:

DSC04221_b.jpg    DSC04224_b.jpg    DSC04222_b.jpg

Negative profiles were screwed onto the lines and the 20 cm surface rounded with R10 cm.
Starting from the top, the handrails were bent by hand against the negative profiles and clamped onto them using negative press blocks.

The template with the bent and the blocked handrails was packaged and sent to the customer.

Architect Kolbeck - Munich / Germany

Installation company:
Company Günther Weiss - Ulm / Germany