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Bendywood® handrails 70x40 mm can only be bent up to R1400 mm.
But the radii were much tighter in this project.

Therefore, the handrails had to be bent in layers, starting from Bendywood® 6x12 cm, which was planed to 43 mm thickness and then cut to 43 mm layers of various thicknesses.
The layers were assembled into 74x43 mm squares and afterwards profiled.
Result was 70x40 mm handrail profiles in layers, uniform of grain and color because they were obtained from the same Bendywood® block, which could then be bent into shorter radius bends and glued to the bent shape WITH INVISIBLE GLUE THREADS.

The wall covering with snail shell shaped terminal and the artfully curved banister newel post were made with the same process.

Images show the excellent quality of this work.

Delivered Bendywood®

  • 8.0 m squares 74x43 mm in layers 43 mm high and thick from 6 to 20 mm
  • 3.0 m squares 80x10 mm in layers 10 mm high and thick 8 mm
  • 2.5 m squares 78x40 mm in layers 40 mm high and thick 3 mm

Please see: Short radius handrail parts – Bendywood®

The molding, bending, layer gluing and assembly were carried out by 
the Weckesser company of Frankfurt / Main – Germany