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for a designer metal glass railing
in Montecarlo, “International School of Monaco”, Avenue Princess Grace


Scope of delivery:

  • 105 m oak Bendywood® handrails ø 48 mm in lengths from 2.0 m to 14.0 m
  • 90 m oak handrails made of normal wood ø 48 mm lengths from 2.0 m to 16.0 m

         + the following custom-made products:

  • 3 pcs oak handrails with double arch R3000 + R600 mm, length 2.0 m
  • 4 pcs oak 90° angles with R55 mm and 30 cm straights on both sides

Both positions were made to measure as described in following link:
Short radius curved handrail parts - Bendywood®

The Bendywood® handrails were delivered as follows: 

  • pre-bent fixed on bending moulds



  • in straight for pre-bending on site using bending moulds to be assembled 


All handrails longer than 7.0 m
were delivered divided into 9° cuts and glued on site. 
More on this:  Handrail with 9° diagonal cut + locator peg for re-gluing (bendywood.com) 

The handrails  were over-bent by approx. 30%, so that they would fit after being removed from the moulds.
See the following link: Spring-back after being taken from the moulds (bendywood.com)

The handrails were temporarily screwed to the holders and installed 2 weeks later only.
For the reason of that see the following link: Handrail mounting (bendywood.com)


The bracket arms were recessed into the handrails.
For this purpose the handrails were:

  • marked on each holder, then
  • removed from the railing,
  • the recesses were milled individually and only then
  • screwed from below.

A sincere compliment to the fitters for the precision and quality of the work!


The handrails were cut at the platform transitions, as only handrails with diameter of up to 42 mm can be bent there, as in the following example: Curved ø42mm oak Handrails (bendywood.com)

The miter joints were secured with synthetic resin and threaded rods:

  • sufficiently large and deep holes were drilled in the ends 
  • synthetic resin glue and bent threaded rods were inserted

This was necessary so that the connections would hold.

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After assembly, a water based hard wax oil was applied,
such as the "Renner wood-oil YS---M009 with 5% hardener YC M402" of the Tonet AG
Technical data: WT IP 0418 (tonet.ch)

The assembly work was carried out by the following company:

Roberto Villanova
Via Conegliano 48
I-31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)
cell +39 329 9687988
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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